Curriculum Vitae

Alan Attie
B.S., University of Wisconsin-Madison;
Ph.D., University of California-San Diego
543A HF DeLuca Biochemistry Laboratories
(608) 262-1372

Honors & awards

1980: “Fellows’ Research Award”, Annual meeting of the American Association for the Study of Liver Disease, Chicago.
1980-1982: Postdoctoral Fellowship Award, American Liver Foundation.
1984-1989: Shaw Scholar Award.
1987-1992: Established Investigator of the American Heart Association.
1993: Romnes Faculty Fellow Award.
1995: David Rubinstein Memorial Lecturer, Canadian Lipoprotein Conference, Jasper, Alberta.
1998: Dave McClain Research Award, American Heart Association/Wisconsin Affiliate.
2000-2002: Vilas Associate Award.
2001: Carl J. Norden Distinguished Teaching Award (Honorable Mention) University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine.
2003:  Co-chairman, Atherosclerosis Gordon Conference

Society memberships

American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Fellow, Arteriosclerosis Council, American Heart Association
American Diabetes Association

Study Sections

American Heart Association/Wisconsin Affiliate (1985-90; 1994-97)
American Heart Association (National) Lipoprotein, Lipid Metabolism & Epidemiology  (1987-90)
U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Human Nutritional Requirements Grants (1991)
State of California Tobacco-related Disease Program (1993)
NIH Nutrition Study Section; Ad hoc (1992)
NIH Physiological Chemistry Study Section; Ad hoc (1996)
American Heart Association/Midwest Consortium, Chairman of Study Section (1998-1999)
NIH site visits (1997, 1999)
NIH RFA: “Development of Phenotypic Screens for Heart, Lung, and Blood Diseases” Chair (2000)
American Diabetes Association Research Grant Review Panel (2002-2005)

Editorial Boards

Journal of Biological Chemistry
Journal of Lipid Research (Associate Editor effective 07/01/03)
Vascular Pharmacology

Professional service

Research Task Force, American Heart Association/Wisconsin Affiliate (1989-90)
Credentials Committee, Arteriosclerosis Council, American Heart Association (1989-92)
Program Committee, Arteriosclerosis Council, American Heart Association (1991-94)
Executive Committee, Arteriosclerosis Council, American Heart Association (1992-95)
Ad hoc reviewer, NIH, NSF, USDA, VA, Canadian Heart Foundation, Canadian MRC, Wellcome Trust, Dutch Heart Foundation grants
Organizer, 20th Steenbock Symposium: Molecular Biology of Atherosclerosis (1990)
External reviewer, Alberta Heritage Foundation Lipid & Lipoprotein Research Group, University of Alberta, Edmonton (1991)
External consultant for curriculum development, St. Mary’s University, San Antonio, TX (1994)
Consultant and member of SAB, Xenon Genetics, Vancouver, BC Canada (1999-2003)
Board of Scientific Counselors, National Insititute of Diabetes and Digestive, and Kidney Diseases, NIH (2004-2009)